Born from the feelings of inadequacy, defeat and uselessness, Build The Unbreakable’s soul purpose is to empower humanity into revolutionising the future. Each and every single person has within them the power to bring about the change they wish to see in the world, and more immediately, within their own lives. By stripping back the stories and excuses that have held us back for so long, we begin to live the life we dream about, and by becoming the person we know we truly are, we encourage others to do the same.




Women today hold the power to radically change the trajectory of humanity, and as a community, we are rising to meet that challenge. We are happiest when we are doing what we love most, and for many, that doesn’t include working a job on someone else’s schedule. Build The Unbreakable’s passion is to transform the lives of 1 million women by helping them to create the business, life and self that they crave. It is through our success and the amplification of who we truly are, women can raise their voices to fight for connection, compassion, justice and equality, be heard, and create movements of lasting positive impact to the benefit of our own families, and for generations to come.




// Your right to succeed. You were not born to be poor. You were not born to struggle through life. You were born to win. You are here to be and become the best vision of you that feels good to you, and you alone. Everything BTU puts out into the world is done with the sole intent to educate, entertain or empower you towards that vision.

// Your right to do it your own way. Be gone the cookie-cutter models of business and the pressure to hustle 18 hours a day. You certainly won’t find that here. BTU wants you to succeed on your own terms, in the way that holds all areas of your life to account.

// Your right to a quality education. Knowledge is power, and a bootstrapper’s budget should not limit your options. BTU deliver top quality content from kick-ass storytellers, teachers and experts about anything and everything to do with business, life and self, that may benefit you in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

// Your right to be a beginner. There’s magic in the beginner’s mindset and there are no stupid questions. BTU supports + celebrates all steps towards your goals no matter how big or small.

// Your right to be supported. Being an online entrepreneur can be lonely and isolating, so BTU offers a safe space for us to come together and connect. The Unbreakables Squad is a judgement free zone full of support, accountability and advice, and you can request to join here. Note: The public group is open to all genders, but paid courses and groups are restricted to women only.




Build The Unbreakable was launched in 2017 by Phoebe Hook (@phoebehook on Instagram + Facebook) after discovering the power of taking charge for what happens next. As a mother of 3 young children, with big ambitions of her own, she found her life was very easily swallowed up by the everyday in’s and out’s of surviving. When the perfect day for change never came, she created it.

In 2011 her first business Farrah Fair went live selling baltic amber necklaces online and at markets to desperate mothers trying to diminish their babies pain and sleepless nights.

In 2013 when her twins were born, Phoebe switched to online business coaching after completing a number of marketing courses and her own coach training through Inspired Spirit.

Now with a business diploma under her belt, and having worked with hundreds of online business owners globally, she knows a complete life isn’t measured by your income report.

Phoebe witnessed too many women getting caught up in the fight for their dreams which left their whole reason for starting – often to improve their health, time with their kids, and a relationship with their partner – sitting on the sidelines.

Now, Build The Unbreakable has been launched to encompass every aspect of life to account, offering the true ideals of success to women who want it all without losing their sanity. Phoebe’s groundbreaking course Show Up +
serves up what others in the industry miss, the process behind the progress.






Hey! It’s Phoebe.

You know what? I am so happy you’re here. I created BTU to help you live your best life, in whatever fashion that looks like for you. But life’s not always about saving the world 24/7, even superheroes have alter-egos that get a day off, so let’s wind it down a notch and get to know each other better.

// I was born in Manly, Sydney, Australia. One of the best places in the world, with a beach to match. #GoNSW

// I used to blow all my time and money on cars. I like/d to go fast, and the sound of a GRT makes my knees go weak.

// Bernie Sanders is my spirit animal. He also has shown me what it means to be a true leader. Since 2015 the man has had my heart, and if I were American, my vote. And he would have won, but that’s another fight story.

// Our family fosters animals. Right now we’re fostering a cat named Louie that was at the RSPCA for far too long. He’s incredibly handsome and likes to curl up next to me at night. #AdoptDontShop

// I have a mad desire to surf. I even used to own a board, but where I live doesn’t exactly get waves (and you’d have to dodge the crocs anyway) so one day when we move or go on holidays, you’ll find me catching a wave or ten.

// Lee Child’s, Jack Reacher series. Looking for a good fiction book recommendation? There you go. You’re welcome.

And now for the photos…



It’s your turn, tell me something about you. Maybe it’s something you’re struggling with in your business, your life or maybe something you would love for me to cover here on Build The Unbreakable.

Maybe it’s a win you’d love to share, a secret, or even just a hello.

I’d love to hear from you, but until then, enjoy the shit out of your life, even if it’s all a bit of a mess. It’s really is a gift, you know.