8 Step Guide To Manisfestation


The hardest road on my spiritual journey so far, has not been in accepting that we are all from one energy and light, because to me that just feels like home. But rather, we are spiritual beings having human experiences, and as humans, we have a tendency to get in our own way of having everything that it is that we want.

All good intentions aside, we like to control every aspect of how our lives are going to unfold, and that’s not how the Universe works, and there is nothing you can do to change that. However, implement these 8 acts that embody both our spiritual and human side into your daily life, and with optimum balance and peace, you’ll find yourself manifesting magic into your life like a kid does at Disneyland.

ACT #1: Gratitude: The Gateway to Joy

I’m sure if you had a dollar for every time you were told to be grateful, you wouldn’t need to be reading this article. Truth is, gratitude does a lot more for us than filling the pages of a notebook. Scientifically, the effects gratitude has on our bodies is nothing short of a miracle. Higher levels of energy, better sleep, and lower levels of depression, anxiety and stress, just to name a few. The mindset also changes when you bring gratitude into your daily life. You are more likely to stick with new routines, exercise, help others, be more alert, have more determination with your goals, and overall, experience life rather than just exist in it. If you know anything about the Emotional Guidance Scale by Esther and Jerry Hicks, you know that Joy sits right at the top of that chart, and fortunately for us humans, there is something we can do beyond thinking our way to a better thought. The act of gratitude is that doorway to living a Joyful life.

ACT #2: Pray: Time to Talk

Praying isn’t as complicated as it sounds. There is no formula, there are no right and wrong ways to ask for help, but unless you ask, your angels, ascended masters and guides are unable to step in and give you a hand. It is one of the drawbacks of having free will as a human. There is no shame in asking for help, it is actually a characteristic of a strong and caring Soulful Warrior who wants not what only is best for her life, but for those around her. A rising tide lifts all ships. Be that tide, and if you are feeling defeated, pray for the help that will buoy your faith.

A rising tide lifts all ships. Be that tide, and if you are feeling defeated, pray for the help that will buoy your faith.

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ACT #3: Meditate: Time to Listen

Gabrielle Bernstein says when you pray you get to talk, but when you meditate you get to listen. There is no point asking for help if you don’t sit still long enough to hear the reply. Every single person has that supreme stillness within them, if they give themselves permission to take the time to hear her. If you’re new to meditation, start slow. Set the timer for 5 minutes and just sit there focusing on your breathing. Feel the cooler air fill your lungs and the warmer air leave your body. If you find the monkeys in your mind pulling at your thoughts, take a deep breath and try again. It’s human to fall off the bandwagon, sometimes numerous times in the one sitting, but keep going. Just showing up is the biggest battle won.

ACT #4: Focus: Know Your Goals

Embrace your human nature here and set goals. Don’t just keep them in your head, get them out onto a piece of paper so you can see the words written before you. This is about manifesting into reality, so make that goal a physical tangible product in front of you that you can hold. Set a date that you want it completed by, and figure out how you are going to measure its success. What needs to happen for you to consider this goal accomplished? Then work backwards from the ideal outcome and change what needs to be changed in this reality to make it your new reality.

ACT #5: Delegate: Put In Your Order

If you are finding it hard to define the difference between what is your job and what is the job of the Universe, then write it out. The Universe wants you to use her, so tell her exactly what it is that you want her to do, so she can go ahead and make it happen. If you arrive at a restaurant, take a seat at a booth and read the menu, but you never put your order in, you’ll go hungry. Each morning look at your goals and in one column write down what you can do to move closer to them, and in the other, write down what you want the Universe to do. Have faith that no matter what the Universe brings to you, if you are focused, then it is for your benefit.

ACT #6: Conviction: Believe In the Outcome

Once you have put your order in you need to have unwavering faith that it is going to manifest for you, which quite honestly, is scary stuff. Leaning into and trust falling into the unseen can trigger a lot of self-sabotaging behaviours and limiting beliefs that unless we work on, are going to keep us at this point. This is where most people feel stuck. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Have a look at adding something like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), journaling, exercising, going outside and “Earthing” (barefoot on Mother Nature) into your daily routine when you start to hit freak-out mode. Keep your focus on keeping your energy moving, for if your energy gets stuck, so will your order.

ACT #7: Play: Let Go, and Let God

One of the greatest and most blissful acts of letting go of resistance is playing. As adults we are not the greatest at carving out time to enjoy life, and it is having a huge impact on our manifestation skills. We can learn something from our kids here, to play is to enjoy, it has no other purpose. If you are playing to manifest then you are not really playing because you are not really letting go. Get present and soak it up. The greatest gift you could ever be given is this very moment.

ACT #8: Receive: Order Up

The wildly successful take every situation presented to them as an opportunity to learn and grow, even if it is a situation that is uncomfortable or unwanted. Don’t be fooled, the Universe isn’t going to give you what you want immediately, there will always be a buffer of time from your order being placed until it arrives at your table, and she will most likely test you with situations that reflect your ingrained and subconscious belief patterns. Stay steady and focused on your vision, and if what is presented to you is not a hell yes, it is a no. Keep your energy moving, play, and when your order arrives, fill your heart with gratitude, and allow the cycle to begin again.

Big love to you Warrior, you can do this!



This post was originally written for and published in Soulwoman eMagazine

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