5 Acts Of Self Care For The Time Poor


Life feels like a battle zone at times, spending energy in areas that cry the loudest, until we get so drained and exhausted that the pain of rejecting our own needs refuses to be neglected any longer. When we don’t take care our ourselves, sometimes the Universe gives us something that refuses to be ignored. To slow us down. To save us.

I have seen so many women wanting to get their morning routines right, or work on getting fit, or trying to jump-start their self-love transformation from a place of urgency that it needs to happen, and as soon as yesterday if possible. That the simple foundational aspects of taking care of yourself are overlooked and thought of as an unnecessary waste of time. And then there are those who don’t have a choice, they are stopped in their tracks by an illness or disease that without self-love, will destroy them.

It’s how I am feeling at the moment, a little burnt out and overwhelmed with it all. A business with any other kind of responsibility (kids, partner, job, parents) can have that effect.

But I have decided enough is enough, and I’m starting to add in some small acts of self care into my routine that take next to no time at all, because small steps make massive change.

We all have time for our priorities, so isn’t it high time we started making ourselves one of them?

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So here are the self-love classics I am bringing into my life, with my take on being able to keep your entrepreneurial flare for hustle and bustle alive. The more women start taking real care of themselves (and in turn loving themselves more), not only will their businesses, their families and their own happinesses improve, but the better this world will be as a whole. I’m already starting to see the results and it’s a beautiful place to be!

1. Go to bed earlier more times than you stay up late

How many people have this on their self-love list? How many people actually do it? Instead of a blanket rule of go to bed earlier, I’m going to bed earlier more times than I stay up late. All I am aiming to do here is tip the balance. I’m dedicating 3 nights to working late on my passion, and 4 nights to enjoying my time, my books, my husband – or anything else that I want to do that before now I haven’t had a space for it. I have found that as you give yourself less time to get work done, you’ll increase your focus and efficiency in getting your top priority jobs done without procrastination. Start easy with this, if you’re staying up late every night, begin by aiming for a night off, and then 2, or give yourself a time deadline that still allows for time for yourself before an early night.

2. Get up earlier and enjoy the quite before the chaos

I don’t need a morning routine to get out of bed earlier, I just need to get out of bed earlier. With the late nights I was having this one seemed the hardest to do, but it was also the one I most wanted to incorporate. Take note of how you feel in the stillness as the sun is rising and do what feels the best in that moment, change it as often as you want to meet your needs. Stretch, meditate, journal, read, watch the birds playing in the dew, dance, breath deep and do nothing except watch the world wake up. It doesn’t matter what it is, just spend time on you first thing in the morning before you start anything else. You’ll notice a difference, I promise.

3. Drink more water wherever you are at

It doesn’t matter where you go, take your water with you. I like to drink 1L of coconut water and 1L of water each day, and I am getting into the habit of carrying a water bottle around because if I have water in front of me, I’m more likely to drink it than if I don’t. If you’re in the shower then cup your hands and drink from them. I am not going to tell you to drink filtered water, or room temp water, or warm water with lemon. I just want you to drink more water. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can add to your energy levels especially if your body is currently running low, or even if you think it’s not!

4. Eat better than you did the day before

I have 2 really simple techniques to making this really effortless. First, start with the mindset that half of your plate at dinner needs to be either vegetables, or salad. Personally I choose vegetables because they can go from the freezer to my plate after 5 minutes of being steamed in the microwave. Simple. Secondly, Start juicing. I have a juicer and I am going to admit that the thought of cleaning the juicer has put me off making the juice completely, but I’m turning this one around by putting on dance music while I wash it all up. If you have a juicer, use it, if you don’t maybe have a look at investing in one. As a bonus, nothing quite beats giving your 3 kids a yummy orange juice that also has carrots, apple, pineapple and kale. #parentingwin

5. Don’t drink coffee, wear it

This is easy for me since the taste of coffee makes me ill so I avoid it where possible, but that doesn’t stop me from getting a great coffee scrub and exfoliating my body with it while I am in the shower. If I am showering with my kids and it’s “coffee time”, they join in the fun. My skin loves me for it, and the smell in the bathroom is just like walking into your favourite coffee shop. If you don’t like coffee scrub then find something you do like, and treat yourself to a little love that makes you feel (and smell) a million bucks. No only will your body love you for it but you will boost your confidence in the process. And that’s always a good thing.

I have more acts of self care for the time poor, so I might do another blog post in the future about them but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

Start small Warrior, and soon your be a self love power house.

Big love to you,




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