No more winging it, it’s time to take control of your business and life and deliberately create your future.

According to recent studies, you’re living at least 40% of your life on autopilot, executing habits that most likely don’t serve you, and over the span of a lifetime, that’s a lot of decades to be zoned out through.

Why does this matter? Because the secret to success lies in your habits.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just a gig, it’s a lifestyle, and your sheer drive and determination to achieve your business dreams are worth fighting for, but if you expel your time, energy and money poorly, your fight can become the undoing of everything you’re working towards.

If you haven’t sat down and consciously created your path to success; if you haven’t worked out how you want the 5 key areas of your life to unfold, then you’re running your business and living your life by reacting to what happens to you, rather than owning your power and being the leader you were born to be.


With our main focus on building an online business that you’ll never get tired of, Show Up + Shine does what other online business courses don’t, it takes an honest look at how building this business will impact the values that you hold away from the computer.


We audit the biggest areas of your life, specifically, money and finance, health and fitness, fun and recreation, your business environmental footprint, the larger community, your family and friends, your loved ones, your own growth and learning, and what spiritual insights there are to gain; if any.

We will uncover the neuroscience of habits, the psychology of procrastination, and develop a plan for your business and your life that work well together. We’ll tackle the big topics, like time and money, and goal achievement so you can be successful in all areas of your life, not just one. We’ll take a look at the process that can add an extra 10 hours of productivity to your week, without having to work a minute longer than you already are.

Show Up + Shine reignites your passion through 6 units designed to get to the heart of your business, fall in love with it again, and deliberately design the DNA of the woman you will become because of it. You deserve nothing less.